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Thu 25 April 2019

List of Canadian hedge funds

Posted by Bill Johnson in Hedge Funds   

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130/30 Mining LP Afina Capital AGF Management Limited (TSX:AGF.B) Agilith Capital Inc. Albireo Asset Management Corp. AlphaNorth Asset Management AlphaNorth Partners Fund Inc Altema Diversified Equity Market Neutral Fund Analytic 130/30 Anson Group Arrow Hedge Partners Inc. ATY Trust Bellridge Capital Burlington Capital Management Ltd. BT Global Growth Canadian Convertible Bond Arbitrage Portfolio CI Corporate Class Limited - Signature All Gold Corporate Class Claymore Broad Commodity ETF (TSX:CBR) Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (TSX:CGL) Claymore Inverse Natural Gas Commodity ETF Claymore Long-Term Natural Gas Commodity ETF Claymore Managed Futures ETF Clearwater Capital Management Inc. Commodities Investment Trust Creststreet 2005 Limited Partnership Creststreet Capital Corporation Creststreet Kettles Hill Windpower LP D'Anconia Investments Dacha Capital Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc. Deutsche Suisse Asset Management Ltd. Edgehill Partners Elmwood Capital Inc. Emerald Unhedged Synthetic International Equity Pooled Fund Trust Enterprise Capital Management, Inc. Epic Capital Management Inc. Equilibrium Capital Management Inc. Excalibur Capital Management Inc. Exemplar Market Neutral Portfolio Flatiron Capital Management Partners Front Street Capital Full Cycle Energy Investment Management Limited Global Market Neutral Fund Goodwood Inc. Greenrock Asset Management Ltd. GreensKeeper Asset Management Inc Guardian Pooled Funds - Guardian Canada Plus 130/30 Equity Fund Guardian Pooled Funds - Guardian Canadian 130/30 Equity Fund Guardian Pooled Funds - Guardian Global 130/30 Equity Fund Guardian Pooled Funds - Guardian International 130/30 Equity Fund Guardian Pooled Funds - Guardian U.S. 130/30 Equity Fund Hillsdale Investment Management Inc. IMFC Managed Futures Fund ING Canadian Market Neutral Fund Invesco Trimark Corporate Class Inc. - PowerShares Global Gold and Precious Metals Class IPM Funds Inc. Javelin Corporate Development Partners JC Clark Ltd. Jemekk Capital Management Inc. K2 & Associates Investment Management Inc. Leeward Bull & Bear Fund L.P. Leeward Hedge Funds Inc Lightwater Partners Ltd. Mackenzie Financial Corporation MacNicol & Associates Asset Management Inc. Managed Futures Fund Marquest Canadian Equity Income Fund Marquest Investment Counsel Inc. Mavrix Resource Fund 2005 - I LP MGBIS Holdings Ltd. Millenium BullionFund MineralFields Group Mission Trading Corp. (Parker Volatility Futures Fund LP, Parker Balance Equity Fund LP) MM Asset Management Inc MMcap Capital Morgan Bay Capital MSP 2005 Resource LP MSP 2010 Resource Limited Partnership NAVigator Capital Management Inc. Novadan Capital Onvest Capital Corp Orchard Asset Management Inc. Pangaea Asset Management Inc. Pathway Investment Counsel Inc. Peregrine Investment Management, Inc. Picton Mahoney Asset Management Polar Commodity Bond Portfolio Polar Securities Inc. Polar Volatility Portfolio Precession Investments Fund Precious Metals Bullion Trust (TSX:PBU.UN) Primex Investments Quadrexx Asset Management Inc Queen's University Alternative Assets Fund Red Sky Capital Management Redwood Asset Management Inc. Renaissance Global Focus Currency Neutral Fund Resolute Funds Ltd. Rogan Investment Management Limited Rosalind Advisors, Inc. Rosedale Capital Rosseau Asset Management Ltd. Roundtable Capital Partners Inc. Russell Sovereign Investment Classes - Russell Managed Yield Class RV Investments S&P GSCI Commodities Fund Salida Capital Corporation Scale Capital SciVest Enhanced Market Neutral Equity Fund SciVest North America Long-Short Equity Fund Selective Asset Management Inc Sentry Select Capital Corp. Sentry Select MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund II Sextant Capital Management Inc. Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd. SMC Man AHL Alpha Fund Sprott Physical Gold Trust (ARCA:PHYS) Sprott Physical Silver Trust (TSX:PHS.U) Sprott Silver Bullion Fund Stacey Muirhead Capital Management Ltd. Star Hedge Managers Corp. (TSX:XHM.A) T. Boone Pickens Energy Fund (TSX:TBP.UN) T.I.P. Wealth Manager Inc. Triumph Asset Management Inc. University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation US Convertible Bond Arbitrage Portfolio Vision Capital Corporation Waratah Advisors Waterfront International Ltd Watson Corp Wealhouse Capital Management West Face Capital Inc\^